According to Prosecutor-General Bos: “The importance of a government with integrity is high”

...Prokurador-general Roger Bos...

WILLEMSTAD.- The Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM) yesterday sent a letter to Carlos Monk, Meindert “Menki” Rojer and Amparo Dos Santos of the political party “Korsou di Nos Tur”, related to the decision that the Public Prosecutor’s Office took to suspend the case against former Minister Steven Martina under certain conditions. Monk, Rojer and Dos Santos on December 14th 2017 submitted a complaint against Martina.

In an OM’s letter, Attorney General Roger Bos wrote that Martina acted against Article 21st of the screening regulation. For this reason, the evidence is “sufficient and convincing”. Attorney General Roger Bos also wrote that “the importance of a government with integrity is high” and also that “the leaders have to avoid all possible conflicts of interest.

According to Bos, the Public Prosecutor’s Office stipulated that Martina was ‘not fulfilling his obligations’. Bos is also aware that the case caused a lot of commotion within the community. But in his opinion, the debate regarding the rules of integrity and the importance that the leaders always have to avoid all kinds of conflicts of interest is a debate that has to take place in the Parliament, in the Council of Ministers and with the authorities themselves and for the Criminal Law. For this reason, he decided to suspend the complaint against Mr. Steven Martina conditionally.