ACU back stronger after the explosion of the ATM at Sta. Rosa

On January 5th around 03:33 a.m., the ATM of ACU in Sta. Rosa was blown up by a crash crack and partly robbed of cash that was present in the cassettes of the machine at that moment. The criminals had left an explosive gas running in the ATM and then released it from a distance to have it detonate. Total havoc was wreaked and the material damage is considerable. The ATM has been completely destroyed and significant damage has been caused to the building. The iron exterior door has been completely blown away from its joints and virtually nothing has been left inside the building. The police have indicated that they will conduct direct investigation in response to traces left behind and other research material, including the camera images.At the end of the day it was possible to close the building again to prevent further destruction or unauthorized entry. After the police conducted the necessary investigations, the personnel of a CIT company collected all remaining banknotes in the ATM building in the presence of ACU staff. ACU has taken various measures to further increase the security of its ATM and also that of its members. ACU is examining possibilities to place a new ATM on Sta. Rosa that will be more secured.Members of ACU can safely use the three ATMs that are in use. Members know exactly where they are placed.ACU is committed to remain the Credit Union of Curaçao that continuously strives to achieve the best for its members.Thus the spokesperson for ACU.