WILLEMSTAD.- In relation to the decision of the Venezuelan Government to close the air and maritime border both for cargo and passengers that are not from Venezuela and a possible total closure of borders between Venezuela and Curaçao, the Minister of Justice Quincy Girigorie recently reformulated and adjusted the rules and gave specific instructions regarding persons of Venezuelan nationality who in one way or another could be affected due to the closure of the border. Bearing in mind that this may make it difficult for your country to return to Venezuela, and as such they may run the risk of falling into illegality for this reason, important new information is presented to adjust these instructions and clarify them.



-First of all, Venezuelan tourists are advised to make their best effort to return to their country of origin before the period of their tourist stay ends, via alternative routes. However, given this current peculiar situation, the Minister of Justice grants a space of two (2) weeks after the cargo and passenger borders that are not coming from Venezuela were closed (until March 10, 2009), 2019) so that the tourist in question can look for his alternative route and can return to Venezuela. During this period, if people with their tourist stay permits have their passport expired because they can’t return to their country on time, they will not receive an expulsion decree, which means that they will not be able to enter Curaçao legally for a defined period.

– Originally the Minister of Justice instructed after March 10, 2019, that if the tourist fails to leave, then he must enter a petition in accordance with the rules in force and meet the requirements such as payment of ‘extensions’ to extend their stay as a tourist in Curaçao. In view of the new information that entered, it is not necessary anymore, after the 10 of March to extend the tourist stay for this specific reason. All Venezuelan airlines have permission from the Venezuelan Government to transport passengers from Venezuela or persons residing in Venezuela to enter and return to their country. Tourists who entered Curaçao with other airlines that are not Venezuelan, have to make contact with the respective Venezuelan airlines in order to return to their countries of return, according to their initial plans.

– It is not expected that within a short term there will be a complete border closure. This is how the instructions within this framework are suspended until a new warning.

– Observing the precarious situation that exists at the border, instructions for passengers in transit remain in force. Passengers who have Venezuela as their final destination will not be allowed to enter and remain in Curaçao taking into account that they cannot continue traveling.

For the extension of the stay permit within this framework, the circumstances of each particular case will be taken into account. If a general adjustment is necessary, this will be announced in due time.

Considering the current situation, the Minister of Justice will continue evaluating whether it is necessary to come with more adjustments within the current Immigration and Admission Management. Any adjustments will be announced later.


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