Ambulance center will now be next to the police headquarters

WILLEMSTAD.- As of today, June 25th the Ambulance Central will be in the same building as the Police Central. This means that under one roof they will have everything centralized in first aid and emergency. The ambulance emergency number is 912 and it will remain that way while for now, but it will soon change to number 911.

According to information that EXTRA is handling the Ambulance Central will be integrated by Centrale Meld Kamer (C.M.K.) today, June 25th and will have the name of GMK, which is none other than Gemeenschappelijke Meldkammer (Common Control Room). There will be both centralists of the Ambulance Service (F.K.A.) and police personnel in the same room.

With this integration of ambulance in common control, Meldkamer in Rio Canario, police and ambulances will work in closer cooperation. EXTRA understood that this will benefit the service that both emergency entities must provide to the community. For now, the ambulances will be reachable on the number 912 and in the near future, it will change to 911.