Aqualectra customers must not pay additional via Pagomatico and Pagafacil

WILLEMSTAD.- The clients of Aqualectra who pay their bills in the establishments that offer the services of Pagomático and Pagafácil, DO NOT have to pay 1.6% on the amount they pay for water and electricity. Recently it has been observed that some merchants began to charge 1.6% on the amount when people use their cards to make payments. This is not in accordance with the agreements that Aqualectra has with the banks to which the Pagamático and Pagafacil services belong.

Aqualectra approached the banks to which these services belong and caught their attention. However, Aqualectra alerts all its customers do NOT pay this additional 1.6%, in case the business owner tells them to do so. People have the right to pay elsewhere if they want to. Along with this, all customers are asked, in case this situation presents itself, to contact and report this to Maduro & Curiel’s Bank (MCB) in case of Pagomático and Post Spaarbank (PSB) in the case of Pagafácil.

The community embraces the payment of their receipts via both payment services in various establishments of Curaçao. Aqualectra has a contract with the Banks that provides the service without additional surcharge to the client, when they use these services in the assigned establishments. That is why the decision of one or more merchants to add this 1.6% is not correct, and hence the urgency for Aqualectra’s customers NOT to pay this surplus on the payment of their Aqualectra accounts.

Naturally, people can choose to visit other establishments that also provide such services or can opt for other payment methods such as bank transfers. Meanwhile, Aqualectra is still working with MCB and PSB to correct this situation in a short time.