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Djaweps, Yüli 18, 2024

Mrs. Glenna Melrose Fleming Brewster

Mrs. Glenna Melrose Fleming Brewster

The night of sorrow shan’t reign for long
For the dawn shall bring us light
God shall appear and we shall rise with song
And with eternal gladness in his sight.

With a heavy heart but extremely grateful and proud for what she has done and meant for us we hereby announce the peaceful passing of Our beloved mother, grandmother, great and great-great grandmother.

Mrs. Glenna Melrose Fleming Brewster
Sunrise October 30, 1925 – Sunset June 7,2024
Better known as Glenna Bailey,
widow of the late Mr. Eric Brewster

On behalf of her children
Dorette Fleming-Patrick and family (USA)
Emily Brewster-Kerr and † Lloyd Kerr (USA)
David, † Eric and Delroy
Eric Brewster jr. and Peggy Kercy-Brewster (USA)
Hanshin and Kyung
Michael Brewster
Michael jr. and Kevin
Joan Brewster-Theodora and Franklin Theodora
Karlene and Rochelle
† Veronica Brewster
Ruth Brewster-Boyrard and Julio Boyrard (SXM)
Judith Brewster-Bokma and † Remco Bokma
Kimberly and Alyssa
Foster daughter
Esmee Thomas-Weerwind
Her brothers, sisters, (great-great) nieces and nephews, families
Bailey, Blake, Bokma, Hunkins, James, Morgan, Patrick,
Rodriguez, Rogers, Smith, Stevens, Theodora
(too many to mention by name).

Abroad in Antigua, Barbados, Bermuda, Canada,
England, St. Kitts, USA.

The funeral service will take place on Tuesday, June 18th, 2024
Condolences are taken from 1:00 PM through 3:00 PM
at the Barrett Memorial Methodist Church at
Abraham de Veerstraat 10, Pietermaai
Funeral Services start at 3:10 pm
Whereafter Momma will be laid to rest at the
Cemetery at Bottelier.


  1. Kondoler i hopi forsa na spesialmente Ruth i rumannan sobra famianan Dios duna boso animo pa pasa e momentunan aki.

  2. Di e forma aki mi kier a kondoler Joan, Ruth y rumannan y henter famia ku e fallecimento di boso mama. Dios dune sosiegu eterno. Forsa na famianan

    Dafnis -Olly-.Francisca

  3. Dear Ruth and Joan I would like to offer my deepest sympathy to you and your family. May the soul of your mom rest in peace.

  4. Ruth Brewster- Boyard my deepest condolences for the passing of your mother Glenna. May her soul rest in peace. 🙏


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