Djárason, Òktober 4, 2023

Live Otrobanda, clean it, take care of it and love it

WILLEMSTAD.-Federación Otrobanda has presented the project "Live Otrobanda, Clean it, Take Care of It and Love It". On May 28, this project consisting of...

Investigation in the case of the Central Bank (Neysa Schoop) entered its final phase

WILLEMSTAD.- The Board of Supervisory Directors of the Central Bank of Curaçao and St. Martin announced an independent investigation on April 19th, considering the...

CTB’s Customer Service Course Begins

WILLEMSTAD – May 21, 2019 – Customer service is a mindset that sees providing service that truly satisfies your customers as a priority. Offering...

Taxi drivers prepare massive action

WILLEMSTAD.- The taxi drivers are tired. The illegality that is taking place in a very depressed economy for them, cannot continue. In this framework, EXTRA...

Hotel Occupancy in April 2019 increases compared to previous year

Willemstad, 21 May 2019 - In April of 2019 Curaçao registered a hotel occupancy of 82.1%. Compared to 2018 (81.4%) this is an increase...

Commercial ties between La Guajira and Curaçao, is a reality

WILLEMSTAD.- In the past months, several meetings took place between the Governor of La Guajira and his team and also Representatives of Trade Representatives...

Large cleaning action in the Montaña neighborhood

WILLEMSTAD.- On Saturday during the morning hours, the community in the area of ​​Montaña got down to work and carried out a large cleaning...

Petition: “Statue of Tula in Punda”

WILLEMSTAD.- Julius Koko submitted yesterday, of the petition to the Parliament of Curaçao to place a statue of Tula in Punda. As explained in...

Michéle Russel-Capriles Deputy Governor of Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD.- Based on the recommendation of Prime Minister Rhuggenaath and on behalf of the Council of Ministers of Curaçao, the Council of Ministers of...

Neighbors confronting problems daily regarding the garbage that results in their gardens

WILLEMSTAD.- Officials of the X Team continuing with their actions on combating illegal activities regarding the environment, visited another area after receiving complaints from...



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