The landfill system must be fixed

WILLEMSTAD.- There is much miff at the entrance of the landfill. A large part of the community is aware that garbage should be brought...

City center in urgent need of active office of city inspector

WILLEMSTAD.- The flow of tourists in down this week demonstrated the urgent need for an active city inspection office. Tourists invaded different areas where...

Stop insinuations when someone else is talking

WILLEMSTAD.- Yesterday the parliamentarian Gilmar Pisas, found the occasion opportune to request the word a while and make an appeal to the chairman of...

More stolen fireworks were confiscated

WILLEMSTAD.- Continuing with the investigation related to the assault on the "gunpower house", which took place on October 17th 2018, the police conducted a...

Internal research within Curacao Refinery (RdK) and director with mandatory vacation

WILLEMSTAD.- The Supervisory Board of the Curacao Refinery (RdK) requested the statutory director of this company, Mr van Kwartel and two other employees, on...

Downtown began to feel the X-Mas atmosphere

WILLEMSTAD.- After several days of questions about whether or not we would have X-Mas decorations, if we will have Christmas lights or not, we...

Tourist came to celebrate anniversary and died

WILLEMSTAD.- Yesterday around 5.00 p.m. In the afternoon, the Police received a notification of a drowning case that happened at Playa Jeremy (beach). The...

SONA’s financial management regarding HNO is completely in order

WILLEMSTAD.- Last week SOAB reported after intense control, that the financial responsibility of the SONA Foundation, in regards to HNO from 2013 to 2016,...

Parents and representatives do not agree with measures against dr. Faries

WILLEMSTAD. - Parents of children who have Type 1 Diabetes doesn’t agree with the measures that have been taken against Dr. Sonia Faries. The...

Prime minister Rhuggenaath: “There’s no proposal to raise garbage tax”

WILLEMSTAD.- Prime minister Eugene Rhuggenaath denied rumors that the Government plans to increase the garbage tax. According to Rhuggenaath, he is not aware of...



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