Djárason, Yüni 19, 2024

1-year-old boy sexually abused

WILLEMSTAD.- On Thursday during the day a very serious case took place in a minimarket in the area of Buena Vista, which has the...

Hotel Plaza sold at 13.5 million in auction

WILLEMSTAD.- One of the biggest news yesterday was that the Plaza Hotel & Casino was sold at  an auction for the sum of 13.5...

Hotel Plaza vendido en 13.5 millones en subasta

WILLEMSTAD. - Una de las noticias más grandes ayer fue que el Plaza Hotel & Casino quedó vendido en subasta por la suma de...

Many government services are not giving good service

WILLEMSTAD.- The Ombudsman of Curaçao Keursley Concepción completed a survey to assess how the Community experiences government service. Some government services rate quite negative....

Only 3% of participants consider the service given by the police to be good

WILLEMSTAD.- The Curaçao Police Force rates very poorly on different areas, in the survey that the Ombudsman of Curaçao did to evaluate how the...

2nd international tournament of checkers was inaugurated

WILLEMSTAD.- Forty-two players from checkers checkers from more than 10 countries gathered here in Curaçao, for the second open tournament, organized by Curaçao Draughts...

40% of Veneto Hotel’s inventory was destined for charity

WILLEMSTAD.- After the days of sale to the public were postponed last week and last weekend also, a large number of interested people showed...

There is money from the 2018 budget to repair the streets and those funds...

WILLEMSTAD.- The reconstruction works of the roads that are planned for 2018 must be carried out since they have priority and it should be...

For now, all imports of meat from Colombia are suspended

WILLEMSTAD.- Due to 2 outbreaks recently (29/9/2018 and 10/10/2018) of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in Colombia, which is why the country lost its status of...

No more parts needed, now the whole car gets taken away

WILLEMSTAD.- Yesterday once again the authorities went to the land where they keep the vehicles confiscated by the police, better known as: "Kura di...



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