Chief Traffic Inspectorate suspended

WILLEMSTAD.- Minister Zita Jesus-Leito of Traffic, Transportation and Urban Planning, suspended the Chief of Vehicle Inspection sr. Doran, after the events that occurred this week. The way Doran treated his clients regarding the license plate of the cars and also the authorities present at the site, was the reason for the decision of the minister. However, it must be said that the suspension decision is not only induced or based on what happened this week.

There are many internal claims about Doran. He does not respect his superiors in the Ministry and does not even follow the instructions of the minister. In these weeks, the tension has risen very highly in the Vehicle Inspection office since the owners of heavy equipment have gone to change license plates.

Doran for reasons unknown, however, refuses to comply with this agreement, despite of the agreements that were made with the minister and with the Tax Office, with respect to the heavy equipment called tractors, which do not fall in the same car rate with letter plates / number Z.

Recently, certain Z letter plates were changed for the letter U according to the agreements. This helps vehicle owners save almost 800 guilders on vehicle tax. But suddenly, Doran refused to keep changing the number plates. This is the reason why the members of the Association of Heavy Equipment went to the Vehicle Inspection office.

In a given moment, even the entrance was blocked so that no car could be inspected. It was inexplicable for vehicle owners, how according to their statements a number plate of cars was changed differently for two identical trucks. Doran denied having done this and kept his statements.