WILLEMSTAD.-There is a child day care center that is involved in serious problems with the justice.

EXTRA was approached by the employees of the nursery in question, to help them with the enormous injustice that is taking place both against the children who attend this day care and against them as employees. EXTRA will not disclose the name of the nursery or all the details so as not to hinder the investigation.

This is what the workers told the newspaper, the owners of this nursery are simply hiding in the sight of the authorities, they have other odd business on the premises.

This without neglecting to mention all the injustices and inhumane acts against the workers.

EXTRA did its own investigation regarding what the workers indicated and received confirmation, that this nursery certainly received visits from authorities but that there is a deeper investigations taking place, and therefore EXTRA cannot precisely go into more details on this matter, to so as not to hinder the investigations.

This case can lead to more leads and arrests can be made.

In the next few days, Extra will give all the details about this alarming case.


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