WILLEMSTAD.- Juliana Bridge is very important to the traffic network in Curaçao. For this reason, with much concern the Public Works Service (OW), took note of photos and videos that appeared in some media, which gives the impression that the bridge is in poor condition.

OW has emphatically denied this and informs the community that the construction status of the Juliana Bridge is good and stable. In certain small areas, rust may be observed, but this does not affect the safety or stability of the bridge.

The reason why rust is found in some parts of the bridge is the fact that the bridge is in an aggressive environment, with sea salt and the smoke produced by the cars.

Under the bridge maintenance program in 2013, the surface of the asphalt on the bridge was repaired. Also the guardrail of the bridge were fixed.

In 2019 a project for the total renovation of the bridge will begin. This project will last 3 years, that is, from 2019 to 2021. All the rust on the bridge, in the base and the legs will be eliminated. It will be properly treated. The water jet methods will be used to remove the rust and then apply different coats of durable paint to protect the bridge. From 2002 to 2004 a big maintenance was done and next year the cycle repeats itself, since the cycle is every 15 years for general maintenance.

It is important to mention that the inspection will happen together with experts from the Netherlands, Dutch Advisors will support OW on the way.

OW will provide information at due time when this project begins. Once again OW emphasizes that the bridge is safe and reliable to drive over it.




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