Conditional fines for elderly drivers parking in prohibited places

WILLEMSTAD.- The Court of First Instance recently dealt with several cases of traffic offenses. A slightly older lady who showed up in the courtroom said she did not agree with the fine imposed on her. According to the accusations of last January, the lady was parked in a site in Punda without noticing that there was a sign that indicated that it was prohibited to park motor vehicles in the area in question.

She said that she stopped there that day to look for something in her bag and an official approached her and, almost without listening to her explanation, imposed the fine on her. The woman said that she came to the Court because she did not agree with the fine, because she did not notice the sign and did not even know that there was that sign placed there. According to the same, she saw many cars stopped in the same area, so she decided to stop at the site.

The prosecutor who had the accusation under his charge, said he considers the accusation proven, but appreciates that the lady took her time to come to court. It was also proven that the lady was telling the truth. Looking at this the Prosecutor sued the woman only to pay 100 guilders of a conditional fine but with a trial period of 1 year. Also the Judge told the lady, that she should henceforth pay more attention to the signs of the sites before parking.