WILLEMSTAD.-Yesterday marked the beginning of the construction of Tui Blue Curaçao in Groot Sta. Martha, where the Coral Cliff Hotel previously stood. The hotel will feature 300 rooms and is scheduled to open in 2026. According to management, Tui Blue Curaçao has achieved a memorable milestone in the development of the hotel in Curaçao.

Although there is talk of the inauguration, construction has already started and is almost ready to celebrate the highest point of the hotel’s construction. The site where the hotel is being built is unique, and it feels like you are not in Curaçao. This is due to the blue water, the beautiful nature, and the picturesque landscape with Seru di Kristof. The road leading to the hotel offers people an authentic view of Curaçao: Soto, the fishermen’s harbor, and the very picturesque Santa Martha Bay. So, without filters, this route is quite special.

One of the most favorable conditions of the project is that it is being built on land where a hotel once stood, which minimizes the impact on nature while stimulating the economy in the communities of Soto and Banda Bou. This development will create 400 jobs and involve an investment of 80 million dollars, which not only means job creation but also stimulates growth in the region.

This hotel project is not just any project; it is a sustainable “all-inclusive” resort. It will ensure efficient use of energy, treat “grey” and “black” wastewater, use solar energy, and the company has respect for nature. In this way, some very beautiful trees that were on the land have been preserved.

Architect Shawn Zimmerman, from the Disena studio, has been responsible for a design in which the hotel is not overly visible. The rooms are distributed across several buildings surrounded by greenery, thus maintaining the surrounding nature. Local products will also find a place in the hotel’s kitchen, as well as local cultural activities.



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