CORC. B.V. – CURACAO OIL REFINERY COMPLEX, announces that it has been invited by Refineria de Korsow (RdK) to exclusively negotiate a final agreement to operate the Isla Refinery, the Emmastad harbor facilities and the Bullenbay Terminal at Curacao.


This official invitation is the result of an evaluation by RdK of a binding proposal submitted by CORC on 18 December 2020 and subsequent questions duly answered.


CORC is extremely proud to have been selected as the local contender in the process.

This decision by RdK speaks for the support that local entrepreneurs deserve to help bring further prosperity and employment to the island.


CORC is a 100% Curacao based entity with shareholdings of Dick and Doof together with the combined trade unions PWFC and APRI. CORC has also received very important participation of Mr Javier Hernandez, a world renown refining expert and former general manager of the refinery complex.


CORC’s team has a vast and long-lasting experience in operating and supporting the Curacao refinery complex. The core of CORC is local and shall remain so. At the same time CORC has been able to gather the support of one of the largest oil groups in the world and also of the United Nations.


CORC is committed to uphold and improve social conditions for its work force, to gradually improve environmental conditions until reaching best international standards and ensure long term sustainability of refinery operations.


CORC is looking forward to concluding a final agreement with RdK by the end February 2021.






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