On September 23rd 2020, Dynaf Group & D-POINT started the ‘Green Movement Partnerships’. The first official partnership and also the kick-off was initiated together with Crown Automotives. A well-known dealer on the island that also sells electric vehicles such as the Hyundai Ioniq. Dynaf has been a specialist in Green Energy for over 21 years.






In 2019 D-POINT was launched with a focus on charging stations and Green Area’s. By joining forces these Green pioneers give the right example. Team work makes the dream work and thereby continuously supporting the Green Movement for a Greener Curaçao!
Will you also join? Be a Pioneer! Join the Green Movement with Crown Automotives & Dynaf!



On the picture the team of Crown Automotives, Frank do Rego, Bertie Perret Gentil and Arjan Beeren together with the team of Dynaf Group, Hans van der Gulik and Heidi Kristel van Goens next to the Hyundai Ioniq and the D-POINT charging station-


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