WILLEMSTAD.- The Foundation Union Trust Office Curaçao serves as a representative body for stakeholders in the online gambling sector, and they have expressed some concerns regarding recent publications. This group of stakeholders, actively engaged in the offshore sector for many years, is eagerly anticipating the implementation of the new law known as LOK, currently in the government’s pipeline. Over the past 25 years, we have witnessed numerous changes, and failing to pay attention could jeopardize the momentum gained in the offshore sector. This was highlighted by Mrs. Ersilia during her presentation in the Parliament of Curaçao yesterday.

Mrs. Ersilia expressed concern that it would be regrettable if matters were to escalate to such a degree, as Curaçao stands to lose a significant opportunity due to insufficient dedication of time, essential for such a crucial new law. Those closely monitoring developments can attest to the urgency of the situation, although it is acknowledged that this is not an easy subject for everyone to grasp. However, when certain measures threaten job opportunities, compounded by information casting Curaçao in a negative light, it becomes everyone’s responsibility to do everything possible to prevent this scenario. Every corrective action must be pursued, as advisors and others have already highlighted the key considerations.

Moreover, Mrs. Ersilia revealed that this foundation represents over 50 percent of companies holding sub-licenses. This encompasses a substantial number of companies where significant work is involved, and this must be safeguarded and preserved. These job opportunities offer relatively high salaries, benefiting many other companies as well. They contribute to the government’s revenue through taxes, social premiums, and more.

Mrs. Ersilia emphasized that the foundation is prepared to advocate for changes that benefit the country. However, if requirements are imposed that hinder the sector’s growth and remove positive signals, we risk repeating the same mistakes as with our offshore sector, which is virtually nonexistent today. The new LOK law includes advisory elements, and the foundation eagerly awaits changes that will benefit the entire community.



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