Caracas, June 25, 2018 – The engineer, businessman and president of Grupo Sambil, Salomón Cohen Levy died on Sunday, June 24, in Caracas, where he will receive funeral honors today. Salomón Cohen Levy developed an extensive career, tenacious and hardworking, built an important real estate group, reaping affection and consideration in all areas of Venezuelan society.

Salomón Cohen Levy was born in Jerusalem on May 28, 1927, into a Sephardic Jewish family and arrived in the city of Caracas, with his family at the age of three, where he completed all his studies. After graduating in 1951 as a civil engineer at the Central University of Venezuela, he worked at the Ministry of Public Works.

In 1958 he founded Constructora Sambil and began to develop residential, commercial and office buildings. In 1998 he expanded the real estate business and began the construction and administration of shopping centers and hotels, inaugurating the Sambil Caracas Shopping Mall the first of a series that opened throughout the country and crossing borders Dominican Republic, Curaçao and Madrid. In the Caribbean on May 28, 2015 Sambil Curaçao opened its doors to the public. Located the area of Veeris, entering so the daily life of the local people of Curaçao and its international visitors.

The Sambil Group is based on values ​​and principles inspired by the life of Salomón Cohen Levy, his capacity for work and his determination. The founder of Sambil summarized his philosophy: “Trust and respect are also essential factors in building success. To them you must unite determination, will and knowing how to wait so as not to be discouraged by obstacles “. The family nature of the group, which is already linked to the third generation, is another of the highlights of Sambil and that Salomón Cohen Levy cared a lot throughout his life.



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