WILLEMSTAD.- In the year 2024, the Consumer Foundation (Fundashon pa Konsumidó)  will focus on the service aspects. This will be presented in the form of an awareness campaign with the theme “With better service, we are all happy”.

Each year the Consumer Foundation creates an activity plan directed to offer informative and educational discussions. As a habit, the foundation will focus on the global theme which is stipulated by Consumer International. This year is no exception. The focus will be on the International Day of Consumers, March 15, with the theme “A fair and responsible future with AI for the consumer”.

Activities that will be taken place to reach the goal are:

– Create awareness and promote conversations related to the topic AI Chatbox to gain insight into the development and the experience f the consumer.

– Highlight investigations conducted related to the theme and the risk that AI Chatbox could bring for the consumer. Also, provide insight into the laws that need to be introduced to reduce the danger that could be present.

– Provide an opportunity for digital leaders and organizations that fight for the rights of consumers to organize dialogues and debates that are related to the theme from a transparent perspective, with the goal to empower the consumer for the future of AI.

The Consumer Foundation is ready to keep working on the health of the consumer. Stay tuned for publications of price comparison, communication, informative columns, radio shows “Conscious Consumer” for more details on these activities, and the primary goal awareness for the consumers.


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