WILLEMSTAD. – Any moment today the authorities will be transferring the former Minister of Finance Mr. George Jamaloodin (50) to the prizon in Bonaire. This is a prizon considered by many as a five-star prizon. For some time, there were continuously reports that Jamaloodin would be arriving in Curacao, but there was always something happening that the plane would come to Curacao without Jamaloodin present.

The same as the last time, the arrest team traveled to Venezuela in order to bring Jamaloodin to Curacao, but the team returned without the suspect. Informants told EXTRA that in the last attempt to bring Jamaloodin the documentation regarding the extradition weren’t completed.

There was an intense preparation this time. The was high level security at the international airport of Curacao. One of the aspects that was part of the preparations was that the plane came with half empty seats to Curacao. This is due to the high-level security needed for the safety of this suspect.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office thanked the tremendous cooperation with the Interpol, Public Prosecutor’s Office in Caracas, the Ministry of Internal Relations of Venezuela, the Dutch embassy in Caracas and the Curacao Police Force that helped in bringing Jamaloodin to Curacao in order to respond on three charges brought on him.

Yesterday it was around 2 o’clock in the afternoon that an Avior plane arrived in Curacao with Jamaloodin on board. He was arrested immediately and today he will be presented in front of a judge for the evaluation of his arrest. Jamaloodin is a suspect in three cases from which one got the title Germanium. In this case Jamaloodin is accused of laundering 450.000 guilders in the period he was the Minister of Finance (2012-2014). This money was intended to rebuild the sport facility Divi Divi in the Steenrijk neighborhood.

Another investigation where the name of Jamaloodin is mentioned I Passaat. This case has ties to the Bientu case. In this case Jamaloodin is accused of forgery in the voluntary disclosure scheme.



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