WILLEMSTAD.- One of the biggest news yesterday was that the Plaza Hotel & Casino was sold at  an auction for the sum of 13.5 million guilders. The American investor Thomas Bolero offered the sum of 13.5 million for the Hotel. CINEX played a very important role in this auction. CINEX on his Facebook page said, that they’re very happy to have been part of this process and also to prepare the new owner for the auction.

“This was a 3-and-a-half-year lasting process where CINEX was looking for the right buyer for the Curaçao Plaza Hotel & Casino.” In the past, CINEX has been in contact with stakeholders on several occasions and was part of the facilitation process in order to finally be able to reach the positive results of today “. CINEX continues to commit itself to observe that said project is completed and will assist the group at the moment in all what they must obtain for the necessary permits for the restoration of the hotel. Cinex is the agency of Investment and Promotion of Exportation.

Mr. Bolero was present yesterday during the auction. He is well known at the Hotel, because in 2010 Bolero worked as General Manager at the Plaza Hotel and towards the reorganization of the Hotel. Since that time, Thomas Bolero’s heart was anchored in the hotel. He will not change the facade of the hotel. The hotel will remain as it is currently.

Since the first half of 2017, the Plaza Hotel closed its doors due to large debts with Aqualectra. Aqualectra closed down the power to the hotel with the consequence that the hotel had to close its doors.

Little by little the hotels in the Otrobanda area are closing and were in auction, getting new owners. First the Hotel Veneto, which at the end of September was sold in an auction in favor of the Corendon Group and has already begun the dismantling of the Hotel. Now it was the Plaza Hotel, while the Otrobanda Hotel that is still open, is also having a dispute between two local investors regarding its purchase at an auction. Both parties offered the sum of 11 million 250 thousand guilders to Girobank. Now the Hotel Howard Johnson is to be sold at auction too.


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