If the government does not have money to pay it must give a date it will pay

WILLEMSTAD.- In a short comment formulated for the EXTRA, Mr. Adrie Williams, chairman of the labor union  ABVO, announced that after some exchanges of words with Minister Konket regarding the interpretation of the verdict, Minister Konket delivered a letter that gives an indication of what the Government thinks.

In Williams’ opinion, for the GOA unions, Minister Konket is violating Art. 10 of GOA, because according to the aforementioned article, the parties must discuss the topic to reach an agreement and not receive information about what the government thinks unilaterally. On the other hand, William remarks that the Court ordered the Unions and the Government to sit down to reach an agreement to coordinate which day, this will pay.

If the Government says it has no money to pay now, then they must stipulate an exact date of the day they will pay the debt they contracted with public officials. Until the moment when EXTRA spoke with Mr. Williams, they had not received the letter from the Minister, so that they could take note of the contents of the letter.

Williams explained that once they get the letter and decide on a position, they will decide in which direction they will go. What the Government explained to the unions yesterday, is that they came across a sum of 50 million guilders that were supposedly hidden, which has converted the deficit into 170 million guilders. The point is that if the government does not have money now, they must give a date on which day they will pay.