Willemstad, July 19th, 2018 – The Minister of Economic Development announced today that InselAir and the Government of Curacao have selected One Laser Group LLC, a firm based in Miami, FL, USA  on an exclusivity basis to become a strategic partner for the local airline.

One Laser Group LLC was selected by InselAir among initial group of interested parties as the potential private investment partner that will invest  and support the airline in its re expansion and re fleeting process, in order to ensure its long term strategic view. Both companies have exchanged information for the past 4 months and are confident on the way to move forward to realize the short, medium and long term plans and build the bridge to the re expansion of InselAir.

The parties have set as a target to reach a final agreement on short term preferably before the end of August.

About One Laser Group LLC:

One Laser Group LLC (OLG) is formed by a group of companies based in Florida, USA, with main core operations in a wide range of industries, including air freight, supply in the industrial sector, logistics in food and pharmaceuticals, and oil industry supply. The shareholders of OLG have also been directly engaged in the management of airlines in the past.


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