WILLEMSTAD.- InterCaribbean can only deliver volume and not small quantities for example, to buses. This is what the MEO Inspector, Mr. Ronnie Cornelis has announced. The reason is because the company does not have a gas pump to deliver the product in a vehicle.

InterCaribbean imported a quantity of 500 milliliters of diesel oil and put it on the ground at Heintje Kool, without having an annoyance permit for this. Yesterday all tanks were sealed with the products inside.

Mr. Cornelis explained that on December 22, 2018, when the company was banned from having Diesel, then the rest of 350 milliliters came out. This shows that they failed to comply with the prohibition and it is a major sanction. The prohibition on the product and now the seal was imposed.

Regarding the delivery of the product to the companies and / or possibly to the drivers of the small buses, as established in the agreement that STU signed with the Company, Cornelis explained that InterCaribbean Shipping does not have any permission to operate any type of gas pump. Second, everyone can come with products, just as long as they comply with the Law.

But currently, Curoil has exclusivity to deliver 29 gasoline pumps in Curaçao.

“You can come with the product, and you can sell it to any instance that does not have exclusivity with Curoil, especially regarding PDVSA’s products, you can deliver products, but not to the Companies that have an agreement with Curoil. If you have to deliver in small quantities, permission is required. In this case, a permit is needed to have a gas pump, whose permit does not exist, and at this moment, there is a moratorium on gas pumps in Curacao. ”

Subsequently, Cornelis said that yesterday the Multidisciplinary Team held a meeting with the company. The point of view that the company had taken was to take the crude from the ships and take them to the customers. It was never the intention to place it in the yard of Heintje Kool.

Regarding small buses, Mr. Cornelis explained that if you want to fill a tank with 40 liters, you must have a gas pump. Several cooperatives in the world have a pump to supply their members, but unfortunately there is not one on Curaçao. So currently, InterCaribbean cannot sell diesel.

Yesterday the tanks were sealed, until a solution for the diesel oil was found. Also just yesterday, the company delivered the request for annoyance permit, for having the product on its land.