Live Otrobanda, clean it, take care of it and love it

WILLEMSTAD.-Federación Otrobanda has presented the project “Live Otrobanda, Clean it, Take Care of It and Love It”. On May 28, this project consisting of four phases will be launched. It is a continuous project, since the actions will continue during the rest of the year 2019 and for the future.

The Federation wants more involvement of its citizens and merchants both macro and micro to solve issues of need.

The goal of this project is to address and solve issues of safety, hygiene / cleanliness, infrastructure, economic and social development, in neighborhoods and in the commerce area of ​​Otrobanda, also to join forces between merchants, ministries, governmental and semi-governmental entities. -Government and organizations of merchants and citizens to achieve common goals. And finally, to raise awareness among the citizens and merchants, macros and microphones, so that they can also participate in the development of Otrobanda and solve the challenges.

For this project to be successful, the Federation got collaboration from the Otrobanda platform, the Otrobanda Merchants Society (SKO), KPC, Selikor and X-Tim.

The first phase of this project will be hygiene, cleanliness and safety. Security and hygiene agents will be trained and will be part of the neighborhood and trade commissions. The Federation indicated that there are several sites in Otrobanda neighborhoods, in which garbage is deposited. They firmly believe that they are not people of Otrobanda, who throw and accumulate garbage on the site, but other people from other neighborhoods. This has priority. It also notes that merchants pay junkies something to deposit garbage on these sites as well.

The Federation will provide training sections for the KPC and X-Tim neighborhood agents to attend the garbage deposit, general cleaning, marketing and instruction regarding the heaviest and heaviest garbage disposal, get rid of old cars and attend to infrastructure that have influence or cause hindrances in safety and hygiene.

The second phase will deal with infrastructures, phase three will be social and economic development and phase four will be the maintenance and durability of this project.

The Federation will cover the districts of Domi, San Mateo, Baraltwijk, Kura and Shon Fil, Kortijn, Mgr Nieuwindstraat, Mundo Nobi and Juan Domingo, Rif bij Otrobanda, Ser’i Domi, Ser’i Otrobanda and groups such as Grupo Inheritance Grandes Asivos, Centro de Barrios Otrobanda and Plataforma Otrobanda.

Already the platform announced the dates on which they will go to each neighborhood to give the people information about this project.