WILLEMSTAD.- The union leader of ABVO, Adrie Williams was very disappointed and disgusted with the process that has been going in relation to salary payments, indexation and 3% of the lump sum that are the points that government workers maintain as inflexible struggle recently. After the Judge issued the ruling in the dispute that arose between the workers of the Government and the Government, the judge ordered the Minister to sit down with the GOA unions. There was a stipulated date for the meeting with the GOA to take place, that is, yesterday, March 7th, at that moment the Minister had to explain: what, how and when they will pay the indexation and 3%. Regarding the salaries or salary payments, they have an agreement and it will be fixed on March 30th. This was concluded by the Judge in his verdict.

Yesterday the parties went to the GOA table, but the meeting ended in a disappointing way, because the Minister had no answer for the unions. In a comment made to EXTRA, Mr. Williams announced that yesterday during the meeting, they had the impression that the Minister did not go to the Council of Ministers at any time with the points mentioned above. Yesterday the Minister asked the union time, for him to go to the Council of Ministers with the request, because these points will be discussed in an Extraordinary Council of Ministers that Konket will convene to address this point in reference.

This means that the parties are at square one. Williams says that the Minister’s attitude seems negative or ill-intentioned. This means that the current meeting is postponed until Tuesday afternoon. According to Williams, the verdict speaks of the word ‘ready’ and all the government wants to do is execute the verdict of Curaçao. The problem of wage payments and 3% is that the Minister can’t say what day he will pay, it is necessary to indicate that if the Government can’t pay, it has to indicate an exact date of payment.

As the Minister is now shaping up, he shows little interest or seriousness in resolving these issues and offering a clear solution. Even the Minister interpreted the verdict in an individual way, with a unique and personal vision and in his own way. So Mr. Williams added.



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