6 November 2019, Willemstad – non-profit organization Coral Restoration Foundation Curaçao (CRFC) have partnered with Kontiki Beach Resort to build a pop-up coral nursery on their house reef.

Over the 3-year partnership with Kontiki, 240 corals will be hung from coral trees providing the optimum conditions for them to grow.  As they grow and mature, these fragments will then be out planted and help restore the reef surrounding the resort.  By the end of the partnership, 1500 corals will be out planted onto the reef. These corals will not only improve the health of the reefs but also increase fish populations in the area.

“We are really excited to have another hotel involved with the work we’re doing” said Pol Bosch, CRFC Project Manager.  “These partnerships highlight to the public and other business owners on the island that the health of the oceans is everyone’s business”.

Support from like-minded companies allows CRFC to engage future generations with the health of the oceans and provide hope for restoring the reefs of Curaçao.

About CRFC

Coral Restoration Foundation Curaçao (CRFC) set-up in 2015 is a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring the shallow water coral reef systems in Curaçao and educating the community on the significance of the oceans.

They work with critically endangered species of corals, growing them in nurseries and out planting them onto new sites. These out planted corals are an integral part of reef structures, they improve the health of the reefs and increase fish populations and biodiversity in the area. To date CRFC has out planted over 7100 corals to 7 locations and engaged more than 150 students.

None of this work would be possible without the sponsorship from MCB, Ocean Encounters, Scubacao, Avila, Baoase Luxury Resort, Kontiki Beach Resort and LionsDive Beach Resort.