WILLEMSTAD.- The General Secretary of BPD Myron Eustatius, wielded an approach on the efficiency of the service of Information Window (Vergunningenloket) and of the expenses that the Government will save. This is an important point and will lower the expenses. With this new system, the government will save a lot of money.

Vergunningenloket has introduced a completely digitized and ‘online’ system with portals in the different services and in fact with just one button, the service can take the customer to all the information he needs, a positive advance for the clients, which assures them an efficient and transparent service.

Secretary General Eustatius stressed about the good ideas that are emerging in the service, not only about good services for the client but also the savings that fortunately, the expenses have experienced. Eustatius explained that the digitized system reduced the expenses in the use of paper and on the other hand, the process walks much faster. They are also focused on providing a lighter service and continue to lower expenses, this brings the benefit that the taxpayer will get more for less money. If clients arrive at the office, they have a computer, from which the client can make use when they wish and upload online and make another request that they require for their cases.


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