On February 16 you can start to build the awnings on the carnival route

WILLEMSTAD.- Minister Zita Jesus Leito, of the Urban Planning Service (ROP) together with the precarious team, announces to all precarious clients that on February 16th from 10.00 am. you can start to build the awnings and platforms on the carnival route. The precarious team will also explain the rules and requirements that should be applied when building, in the framework of general security.

For all precarious customers 2019, they are asked to use solid material, as it is not allowed to use rotten or damaged material. It is not allowed to build awnings or platforms of two or more floors. The maximum height for the platforms can be 4 meters, and a floor with a maximum height of 1 meter will be allowed. There will be a height of 3 meters of construction, where people can stop and enjoy a safe carnival stop. The roof of an awning must be constructed a little off-set so that rainwater can run behind the platform. Finally, all customers are reminded at the time of constructing the platform, that the base must be well secured, so that the roof has good support and support.

The precarious team works tirelessly to organize and manage this part of the carnival. In this way, our community can enjoy the carnival in a well-structured way. ROP invokes all its precarious customers to maintain and abide by all existing rules and requirements.

For more information, the Carnival Precarious Team Office 2019 is available via numbers 462-2014, 462-4015 and 462-3261. You can send an email to info@prekariocuracao.com, or visit the facebook page Prekario Curacao