WILLEMSTAD – In a report by the Security Maintenance Council it is stated that; according to article 9 of the Laws of the Kingdom, the National Detectives Corps is in charge of the investigations regarding government integrity. The developments within the National Detectives Corps are running slow due the fact that there are multiple functions within the organizations that need to be dealt with. Additionally there are not many possibilities to do further studies on this subject of integrity. The budget of the Corps does not have enough space, despite the fact that in the near future this body will be the organization charged with investigating the violation of integrity rules within the government apparatus.

Furthermore, it is suggested that the functions of certain personnel positions within the organization should be fortified. The starting point that public officials should be loyal to the Minister’s management is known, but in some cases public officials must act in accordance with the principles of democratic order. There are people in high positions who, due to their functions, must endure political pressure. Taking into account according to jurisprudence that in the case of conflict between a public official and the government official, the public official must yield. The question arises whether for certain leadership functions, there has to be more guarantees. Among these officials in any case should include the Chief of the Detective Corps and the Chief of the Police.

For an effective maintenance and enforcement of the Law, it is of utmost importance that the people know that there is no tolerance for wrong behavior and if so, that a respective punishments will be applied. It is extremely important for the erroneous behavior to be verified. On many occasions the bodies that must maintain the Law and Order are not sufficiently visible. This means that the opportunities to achieve an arrest are limited. But the Council has found that it can be improved in certain areas. A good example is the traffic controls, in which sanctions are imposed and processes are executed efficiently. The campaign “pay your fine” proof of this. The Security Maintenance Council fully applauds this initiative and hopes to move forward on other important issues.




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