WILLEMSTAD.- This month Sandals Resort in Curacao will be celebrating its first anniversary.
The CEO of Sandals Resort International sr. Gebhard Rainer in an interview with Extra shared how excited they are with the hotel’s first year. In his opinion the resort experienced a very positive collaboration with the government and will continue to invest in Curacao.

“It’s our intension that the workforce at the hotel consist of mostly locals. To get as many locals as possible, we invested in education and preparation for them to work in the hotel industry. Sometimes you lose workers you invested in and that is a pity, but we want to work with locals at our hotel. Tourism is growing tremendously on the Island. More hotels and more airlines are coming to Curaçao. This is something positive. But at the same time it puts a stress on the local labor market.” Rainer explained that at the opening of Sandals Curaçao they had 854 local workers with know-how and experience working. Most of them are still at Sandals.


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