SITEK will elevate the action of teachers to a higher level

WILLEMSTAD.- According to Darius “Lio” Plantijn, President of the SITEK Teaching Union, today they will elevate the actions to a higher level. He asks all the teachers to come to the headquarters from 8:00 in the morning. Yesterday SITEK, together with a number of teachers, met at its headquarters. Plantijn explained that after a week of several meetings between the Minister of Education and the SITEK union, the Council of Ministers last Friday asked them several questions: “In our opinion this should not impede the signing of the SITEK document. Ministers indicated that as long as they do not receive answers, they cannot approve the SITEK document, which resulted in the fact that during the weekend we had to approach the President of CCVV, which is the central committee of the unions that represent the public employees. Thus we will elevate the actions to a higher level “. This means according to Plantijn, that today at 10 in the morning SITEK there will be a meeting in CCVV, in which the Minister of Education will also be approached. “It is our intention to go through all the documents that SITEK agreed to, we want to establish the date and how these issues will be executed, this will take place within CCVV together with CGOA.” The meeting will be at the SER Building in Ansingshtraat.

Plantijn: “The idea is for the CCVV unions to support the SITEK documents and we can go to a higher level with CGOA, where the Minister of Government, Planning and Public Service Armin Konket will be present. An execution scheme and a date to fulfill all the changes, but this will bring discontent again with the people in the field.

According to Plantijn, in the past different things were not according to how they were negotiated. “For this reason, now we want to work with CCVV and CGOA, they have different lawyers and other professional people, now we can do it”.

After the meeting, SITEK will evaluate the meeting with CCVV at its headquarters and then decide what will happen on Tuesday.