Steven Martina is the only candidate to become Minister of Economy

WILLEMSTAD.- The President of the political party, MAN , Yves “Payo” Schoop yesterday expressed his joy, due to the fact that the Prosecutor’s Office suspended the investigation against Steven Martina. An investigation that paralyzed the functions of Martina as Minister of Economy, but now and with much pleasure the party announces that Steven Martina is the only candidate to enter back into his duties as Minister of Economy.

Schoop explained that there was really a euphoric joy yesterday during the day, when they received the notification that Prosecutor’s Office had decided to suspend the case they had been investigating against Steven Martina.

Schoop explained the reason for the joy was the reason that many people did not understand the magnitude of the situation in which Martina was immersed, how much weight this exerted on his family, in itself and not to mention the time of sadness and uncertainty that the family suffered and not only them, but also all those around the family.

There were many reactions that MAN, from people worried about the situation in which Steven Martina was.

Many were wondering why a person who was communicating with the community and doing his job well enough, then had to receive a complaint against him, which forced him to leave his duties.

For this reason, the Party was extremely pleased yesterday with the decision taken by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and for them, who were in the search for a replacement for the ministerial portfolio that Steven Martina handed back for that legal reason, and that currently rests in the hands of Kenneth Gijsbertha, is at the opportune to point, that Martina is right now his candidate to occupy the functions like Minister of Economy again.

For the MAN this is something to be grateful for, that in this way Justice was served and finally Schoop emphasized that the Law is to serve human beings and for the human being to serve Justice.