Teachers on strike decide on Sunday how they will continue on Monday

WILLEMSTAD.- Teachers who are on strike will decide this Sunday how they will continue with their strike on Monday. Yesterday afternoon the union suspended their strike till Sunday.

Yesterday morning, SITEK stood in front of the Parliament building to support its employers who are School Boards and who were meeting with the Parliament’s Education Committee. “We are going to give them support, to talk about management and digitization of education, but also to talk about the pain that workers in the field suffer every day,” according to Darius “Lio” Plantijn.

SITEK got an invitation from the Parliamentary Education Committee to give an explanation, although SITEK was not formally invited. SITEK managed to enter the site, with different workers from several School Boards. Each of the 5 workers got the opportunity to explain their pain with the cleaning of classes, broken windows, the cleaning once a week, reporting that they need to work in two or three schools to be able to meet 32 hours and the issue of categorizing teachers A to B. People who have been working for 15 years and are still considered teachers A. They also explained the reason that the strike is on, based on a document that since 2016 was signed and that nothing was ever executed.

The president said that the 2016 documents should also be delivered to Parliament. Because the Teaching of Curaçao is anti-children and excludes children, who do not find the opportunity to develop their full talents.