The costs of remedies, treatments abroad etc. will be cut for 84 million guilders

... Minister mr. Suzy Camelia-Römer ...

WILLEMSTAD.- In a public meeting, the Minister of Health, Environment and Nature, gave an explanation about the project of the new Hospital and its developments. The minister explained that the case of HNO, is a much larger and complicated institution to operate, has a new technological system, based on the management of the Hospital. It has its own expenses that were calculated at 59 million guilders. But she has to think about how to pay, in order to cover these expenses with the same portfolio that is available in health, due to the adjustment of the figures.

This is how she gave SVB the assignment to negotiate the care contracts, which is something that rests in the new law but that is not happening in practice. But this will be used to reduce the costs of remedies and treatments abroad and medical specialists. According to the president, with this exercise you can lower the costs of remedies with 34 million per year, also the costs of treatments abroad with 19 million, the expenses of specialists with 17 million, the expenses of the way in which the remedies are prescribed in 7 million and, in addition, the double diagnosis can be reduced by 7 million. Well, in the system itself, 84 million will be lowered and in this way 59 million will be covered, which is completely necessary until there is money left over. And even when you withdraw money, it will be reserved to cover the expenses of health itself. It is more with this one, time and funds will be dedicated to prevention and promotion. According to Mrs. Camelia-Romer, it should not be forgotten that there are serious diseases in our population, and proof of this is 67% of the population suffers from overweight. Much information and training should be given to people to change their lifestyle. Well, this is going to be reinvested in health, and you can even cover expenses of the “Health Authorities” that are pending.

With these exercises you can lower your expenses and observe the concrete results in 2021. It is estimated that for this year they will lose 1 million guilders, 2022 with 6 million, 2023 with 10 million, 2024 with 22 million, 2025 with 26 million and in 2026 they will come down with 32 million. Moreover, the contribution that the Government itself gives annually in health will also automatically decrease. According to the minister, apart from the efforts that will be made to balance the country’s budget, she believes with all her heart that certain adjustments should be made in health for ourselves.