WILLEMSTAD.- Yesterday around 5.00 p.m. In the afternoon, the Police received a notification of a drowning case that happened at Playa Jeremy (beach). The patrol of Barber that arrived at the site found a man, unconscious lying on the sand of the beach. From the investigation, it could be concluded that the victim was swimming and snorkeling on that beach with a friend / family and the moment they returned to the shore, she realized that the victim was left behind.

A citizen who observed from the outside the inconveniences that the person confronted to reach the shore, jumped into the water to cooperate and moved the victim to the shore. The ambulance that appeared on the site, tried to revive the victim, but to no avail. The police doctor that arrived at the place, verified the death of the man Jan van den Burg, born in Holland the 2nd of October of 1951.

EXTRA obtained detail, that the man was a tourist visiting Curaçao together with different members of his family. His visit was due to a special celebration for his anniversary. But unfortunately, everything ended in an unfortunate tragedy.



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