Voluntary retirement package for public officials takes effect January 1st 2020

It is anticipated that 450 public officials will accept the package


WILLEMSTAD.- The Government is working on a path to lower costs, such as joining buildings and centralizing an IT system. There is also a voluntary retirement package on the table, a proposal for about 800 public officials.

That’s right the Government’s Human Resources Department identified a group of 800 public officials who may be willing to accept a voluntary retirement arrangement. From this group it is anticipated that approximately 450 will accept the package.

These are public officials who are 60 years of age or older, who did not plan to work until they were 65 years old. The Pension Fund of Curaçao APC made different offers and in the coming weeks the Council of Ministers will analyze the different proposals of APC, to make decisions on what will be offered to public officials.

The voluntary withdrawals will take effect on January 1st, 2020. The financial consequences of the retirement package will be assumed by the Government, and this in the medium term will reduce the salary expenses of the public apparatus. Some of the public officials who will be addressed are the ones who are not working.

The government will also introduce an evaluation of the functioning of public officials next year, since currently disrespect of their performance, public officials are entitled every two years to their “salary rates”, and nobody puts any civil servant accountable if their performance is not enough.