WILLEMSTAD.- “There are different developments in education, and there are different achievements in education, and what we have noticed is that within the field of education, we feel lack of what we call in Dutch: Onderwijsraad, this means a Council for the education”. So the Minister Marilyn Alcalá-Wallé of Education, Science, Culture and Sport said yesterday, during a Press Conference of the Council of Ministers regarding the topic: “Education Developments and Points of the School Directives”. Alcalá-Wallé: “The Council for the Education of Law is established in Art. 7 of the Foundation Education (Fundeshi), so we are going to work on this concept now.” Minister Alcalá-Wallé explained that the Education Law Fundeshi has been in effect since 2008. But the Education Council’s part has never materialised: “Now we have reached the real moment to do it.” And I have to say that we have already worked on this concept of the Education Council. An Education Council consists of advising the Minister or the Council of Ministers on matters that have to do with or are absolutely connected to education. According to Alcala-Wallé there are different areas on which these councils can be granted. The quality of the Education: Much of the quality of Education, seeks to be dominated by teachers who are called “Competent Professionals in Matter.” Alcalá-Wallé: ‘We have heard of clubs that teach, but do not have their respective documents. I think there are journeys that we can work on. We can train and reconsider each of them. ‘ In turn, the Education Council will give advice regarding (8) areas of Education. As it is known, there are eight (8) areas related to foundation education, such as: languages, communication and literacy, arithmetic and mathematics, people and community, citizens, nature and technology, cultural and artistic training, physical movement and health, social and emotional development and spiritual formation of our people. Minister Alcalá-Walle: ‘In all these areas, the Education Council can give advice for us to know in which areas you have to make adjustments. How can we improve and in what way or form will we enhance our content of education?