Taxi drivers prepare massive action

WILLEMSTAD.- The taxi drivers are tired. The illegality that is taking place in a very depressed economy for them, cannot continue.

In this framework, EXTRA understood that they are beginning with protest actions. There are preparing for two actions, one that will go thru the legal system and another will be a caravan of protests.

The protest caravan will be held next week, on Saturday. They will go by all the hotels to inform of their steps to follow.

After the caravan, they will act against illegality. Both against the pirate taxi drivers, and against those who do the transport in their private cars. They cannot stand this situation anymore!!!

EXTRA understood that they will block the pirate taxi drivers and those who make transportation in their private cars.

They feel that the Government does not listen to them and therefore they will go to the Court. The case will take place soon as possible.

And besides that they are confronted with said piracy once again, in a community where businesses is very slow and besides that those who rent permits have decided to raise their prices.

Normally the payment is 400 florins per month for permits. This seems to have changed and now it costs between 40 to 50 dollars per day. Another blow for taxi drivers, which will also be part of their protests during this coming week.