WILLEMSTAD.-Aqualectra has monitored 879 households and businesses and has fined a large number of them due to the illegal use of water and electricity. According to the report, the Aqualectra team that supervises the irregular use of water and electricity has intervened in a large number of households and businesses engaged in illegal practices during their inspections. Between January 17th and March 18th of last year, more than 879 businesses and residences were inspected. The team fined 14 businesses and 156 residences. The highest fines were issued for 15,000 florins at some businesses in Punda (1), Otrobanda (1), Groteberg (1), Rooseveltweg (2), Saliña (2), Schottegatweg (1), Mahaai (2), and Winston Churchillweg (2). The areas where more households and businesses engaging in the illegal use of water or electricity were found were Brakkeput (12), Montaña Abou (10), Piscadera (9), Saliña (9), Mahuma (7), and Souax (5). Aqualectra’s team will continue inspections, and measures will be taken where irregular use of water and/or electricity is found.

People who use water and electricity illegally, whether by manipulating installations or changing or removing parts of the water and/or electricity network, cause additional expenses for customers who comply and pay for their water and electricity faithfully. Compliant customers bear the costs of water and electricity usage, which cannot be registered under anyone’s name due to third-party illegal use of water and electricity. Furthermore, when someone manipulates the distribution network, they can cause dangerous situations and disturbances in the area where they operate, such as cutting cables or water pipes. It is this phenomenon that Aqualectra is combating to ensure the well-being of our entire community.

It is also important to emphasize that the responsibility for the meter lies with the business owner or homeowner.

For this reason, it is important to report to Aqualectra if you notice anything irregular in the meter or a change in normal water and electricity consumption. This way, serious consequences can be avoided.

The control team continues its work to detect and stop irregularities in our water and electricity distribution network. The team consists of Aqualectra, the Curaçao Police Force, and the Public Prosecutor’s Office. When illegal situations are discovered in homes, businesses, or other facilities, residents or business owners may face significant fines of up to 20,000 florins, as well as payment for correction expenses of the installations and possible legal actions. These individuals must also take into account that, in addition to fines, they must pay for the unregistered use of electricity and/or water during the period when the irregularity occurred and any outstanding debt.



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