WILLEMSTAD.- After the days of sale to the public were postponed last week and last weekend also, a large number of interested people showed up from very early morning hours in order to buy everything they were interested in.

The sale to the public was very successful. 60% of the inventory was sold in a few hours. Then the decision was made that the remaining 40% of the inventory will be given for a good cause. For different schools, institutes and even families in need were able to go there to see what they could get and take it all at no cost.

There were even families who lost their homes completely after a fire, who managed to get furniture for their house again. Well now there is absolutely nothing left in the hotel as EXTRA knew and observed yesterday. Even what was on the roof was bought.

While the sale of the auction was in its final phase, work is progressing to enter a new phase of the hotel. The back of the hotel practically disappeared while the front is under construction.



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