WILLEMSTAD.-After two days of a job fair in the judicial chain, it turned out that more than 5000 applications were received. The Minister of Justice, Mr. Shalten Hato, announced that he is extremely pleased to have received information that more than 5000 applications have been submitted for all the different vacancies in the Ministry of Justice. The minister expressed his great satisfaction and pride in the number of people who also attended the job fair. According to Minister Hato, this was the first time after October 10, 2010, that the Ministry of Justice opened its doors entirely to provide information to the public and to introduce the population of Curacao to all the different judicial organizations that are part of the Ministry as a whole. It was Minister Hato’s desire in December 2023 to open the various vacancies available in the Ministry of Justice after the Government of Curacao made a change in the management of personnel recruitment. The response from individuals who worked on their profile on the website www.traboudenhustisia.com to apply for one or more vacancies at the Ministry of Justice was enormous. This has accumulated a total of 5472 applications so far. During the 2 days of the job fair, more than 6000 people passed through the WTC to learn about all the judicial organizations and also to apply for positions in the different vacancies. Also, a record number of people took advantage of the “job dating” opportunity, which consisted of a maximum 15-minute conversation, in which they could demonstrate to either the director or the human resources personnel why they are the best candidate for that position. Minister Hato is extremely proud of the way all of Curacao has responded to this job fair at the Ministry of Justice. Additionally, there are still opportunities to continue applying through the website until April 15, 2024. Please note that it is necessary to upload a CV for the profile to be complete and to be considered for one of the over 100 vacancies at the Ministry of Justice.


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