WILLEMSTAD.- “You will remember me, now I will do the things you accused me of, one by one I will finish you off, I will kill you all, I am innocent, damn you.” Those were the words that came out of Thaino’s mouth while the arrest team members were leaving with him. Thaino, along with Swendley M., were pursued after 5 years; they were also involved in the murder of the Dutch merchant Ronaldus Wilhelmus Molenaars on May 7, 2019. Thaino is serving a 13-year sentence for a case of attempted armed robbery, attempted murder, robbery of an ATM at the Van der Tweel supermarket, and possession of a firearm. As for the case of the merchant’s murder, he is accused of being involved in this along with 3 other defendants. During the handling of the case, Thaino shouted that he was innocent and insisted that he knew nothing about any robbery or murder cases. He said that day he was at home playing “play station” and then went to sleep. According to Thaino, he is serving his 13 years very calmly and wants justice to let him serve his punishment in peace. The prosecutor during the case said there is enough evidence that Thaino and the other accused, Swendley, were also involved in this robbery. According to the prosecutor, the accused Pisas gave incriminating testimony against himself and the other defendants. He stated that along with the other defendants, including Thaino, they were the ones who committed the robbery that proved fatal for the victim Molenaars. According to Pisas’ statement, that day they went out to strip parts of a car. But when they were on the way to Brievengat, they saw a dark-colored SUV passing by with two Chinese-looking men inside. One of the accused told them to follow the SUV to take money from the Chinese. According to Pisas, Thaino was the one who gave them a gun. In total, they had 4 firearms. They chased after the vehicle and when they reached the Flèt complex, they got out covering their faces and demanded money from the Chinese. Then, the other accused along with Thaino ran towards the Flèt complex. Thaino tried to open the trunk of the Dutch vehicle. The Dutchman came out and there was an exchange of words, then they heard a gunshot. The other accused ran back and then got into a car and left. The prosecutor found the accusations against Thaino proven. These include attempted robbery and theft, attempted murder, concealment, violent robbery in a dwelling, possession of a firearm, and qualified murder. Considering all this, the prosecutor requested 8 years for Thaino. Yesterday, during the verdict, the judge said they consider Thaino very dangerous because after the first case he committed, he continued to commit more criminal acts. In this case, the court agrees with the brutal robbery of the two Chinese men and also the complicity in the merchant’s murder. With all this, the court considers that the accused must be punished for his actions and sentences him to 10 years in prison, which is 2 years more than requested. Considering that the case has been prolonged, they reduce the sentence by 4 months, which amounts to 9 years and 8 months. At the moment, the accused said he will go to the Court of Cassation because he does not accept this.


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