Willemstad January 17, 2022- Being compassionate and sharing more with our citizens in need forms part of the New Year’s resolutions for many of us. Living up to these resolutions contribute to solidarity within our community.
CIBC FirstCaribbean started the new year by sharing Nafl 7.500,- with Food Bank Curaçao as part of the CIBC FirstCaribbean’s commitment to contribute to the well-being of our community and enriching the lives of especially those most in need.
In this pandemic, Food Bank Curaçao continues to play an even more important role in our community as anywhere in the world and remains a steady source of support for many in our community. CIBC FirstCaribbean therefore in a token of appreciation and support to this most valuable cause made a contribution at the beginning of 2022 to the charity.
Although the food bank has been providing valuable support since 1977, it was not until the Covid pandemic hit that the community came to appreciate even more the valuable work done by it.
Two years after our community was struck by the severe economic hardships due to the pandemic, the volunteers of ‘Food bank – Fundashon Yudansa pa Kòrsou’ are lending a supporting hand by organizing and providing thousands of food packages on a regular basis to those in need.
Though Curaçao has moved towards becoming a covid-resilient community, still a large number of families rely heavily on the food bank in order to have food in their households. CIBC FirstCaribbean recognizes the commendable efforts of the foundation and as a way of offering encouragement and support, made the donation.
“The Food Bank continues to enrich the life of those most in need in our community by providing a most basic need, namely food. Our bank, partly with funds normally used by employees for their end of the year celebration, made the donation to the food bank to assist them with their valuable work,” said Timba Engelhardt, Country Head of CIBC FirstCaribbean.
She said the charity has “proven to be a key cornerstone to ensure the survival of many. CIBC FirstCaribbean is glad to offer encouragement and support, as we are confident that together we will surpass these challenging times and create a more resilient community”.


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