WILLEMSTAD.-The Minister of Justice, Mr. Shalten Hato, took note of a press release from a letter from the ombudsman, Mr. Keursly Concincion, related to the situation in the country of Haiti and where the ombudsman also urges the Minister to pay attention to this situation. However, Minister Shalten Hato regrets that the ombudsman did not contact him personally and has sent a letter to parliament on this matter. Since March 2024, to be exact on March 10th, the Minister of Justice took note of the situation in Haiti and began working proactively on this issue. Since March, the Immigration team along with various other Justice interest groups have sat down to address this issue. An agreement was reached that individuals who have arrived from Haiti to Curacao and whose stay in our country has expired will not be deported. This is within the framework of the security that Curacao also wants to provide to these inhabitants, related to the situation in their country. The Immigration Service received instructions after this meeting so that, at the moment during any type of routine check, they encounter people from Haiti who do not have their documents in order or with expired documents, they will not be deported from our country, but will receive instructions to register with immigration when necessary. The Minister of Justice advocated for this commission, so that as a country, we also provide security to these individuals and thus monitor the alarming situation that exists in the country in question. The Ministry of Justice will continue to closely monitor the situation to make any adaptations in time and will continue to monitor the situation to reassess any additional measures that need to be taken within the framework of the situation in Haiti.



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