WILLEMSTAD.- Finance Minister Kenneth Gijsbertha said yesterday: “Contrary to the rumors, the screening of the candidate nominated for the position of Minister by the MAN party, Neysa Schoop-Isenia, is not ready yet.” If Schoop-Isenia manages to pass the screening successful, she will become the next Minister of Economic Development for the MAN party. Gijsbertha explained that there is already a process taking place. “After Minister Steven Martina submitted his resignation, the MAN party set up a commission whose task was to search for the candidates, it was possible to get more than one candidate, and after an evaluation, the Commission finally presented the board the recommendation of a candidate. The candidate accepted the application and is willing to go through the process of screening that is taking place at this moment. At the time the process is ready, there will be an official announcement.

Gijsbertha confirmed that the candidate Neysa Schoop-Isenia is the person who was finally proposed by the MAN board. We are going to wait for the process to go through as light as possible and she can start as Minister of Economic Development ‘, so Gijsbertha said, who at this moment serves both as Minister of Finance and Minister of Economic Development.

As it is known, on February 21st the Government of Curaçao accepted the resignation of Steven Martina as Minister of Economic Development. The reason that Minister Martina presented his resignation was due to the initiation by the Public Prosecutor of an investigation into the procedure followed to reach a decision regarding the legal responsibility of the insurance, better known as “WA”.


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