WILLEMSTAD.- Investigation into the case of the kidnapping of a business owner in the Veeris area could go on for quite some time. According to information, the kidnapping may have been planned by a person very close to the merchant (similar to the Bari Case where someone trusted by the victim planned the kidnapping). Last Monday authorities arrested 6 people in the kidnapping case. This case took place on January 10th. On that day, in the morning hours, a vehicle with 3 men inside, their faces covered, and under threat of a firearm, took the business owner in Veeris. They fled in a silver-colored car, heading towards Helmin Magno Wiels Boulevard. According to information available to EXTRA, these individuals covered the merchant’s eyes with a cloth and took him to a remote area. The merchant, completely terrified, asked them to let him write a letter to his loved ones before they killed him. But the men told him that was not their intention. It seemed like they were going to ask for money. Then they tied up the merchant and left him behind in a remote area. According to information available to EXTRA, everything indicates that it was a plan made by a person very close to the merchant. Someone who seemed to have a lot of problems with him. It is suspected that in order to give him a lesson and to intimidate him, they would have let friends kidnap him and leave him behind in a remote area. Of the 6 people who were arrested, some of them seemed to have never been involved with the justice system but were somehow involved in this case. However, the person very close to the merchant who orchestrated the kidnapping may be held responsible for this crime, even though those who executed it are also in serious trouble with justice. During the judicial raids at the houses on Edisonstraat, Kaya Juffrouw Polita Dirksz and Kaya Merida, important materials for the investigation for this case such as firearms were confiscated. As EXTRA informed yesterday the detainees were J.E.I., 28 years old, M.N.L., 19 years old, S.N.F.Z., 18 years old, G.A.G.W., 41 years old and the woman R.P.P., 61 years old, all five born in Curaçao and the man M.U.J.M., 26 years old born in Curaçao but detained in Holland. This case is still under investigation.



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