WILLEMSTAD.- The man who was recently murdered in Orinocoweg was a big criminal in Groningen. The judge came to the conclusion that his re-socialization was not an option anymore, even more he was not interested in this.

Different media in Groningen reported yesterday on the case of the murder of Ryadjunior Jonathan Woelbaai of 31 years recently in Curaçao. In several Dutch media he was referred to as “The criminal of Groninigen”. According to some media, there is no reliable information about the reasons for the murder of Woelbaai in Curaçao. The media pointed out that in the meantime, they continue with the investigations of the case. Police In the meantime, the remains were brought to Holland by relatives for burial.

The Dutch media indicate that Woelbaai was a well-known criminal of the police and justice of Groningen. In a specific case in 2015, the judge called him a “very heavy criminal. At 28 he had already been imprisoned for 11 years.”

In 2015, he was sentenced by the Groningen court for 15 months in prison for serious threats and illegal possession of firearms. In a neighborhood outside of Groningen he started shooting out of control. No one was injured, but nevertheless, it was considered a serious case due to the presence of children in the vicinity. After his release, he finally returned to live in Curaçao according to some press reports. It was during a hearing that the judge considered that there was no perspective for resocialization, since he was not willing to change his lifestyle.

In this case, 3 people are detained. After the murder, the police conducted two raids on three houses in Amazonenweg. The people detained in these houses are of the ages of 20 and 21 and in another house a person of 23 years was arrested. The investigations will continue.


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