WILLEMSTAD.- Yesterday a confused situation arose in the place of control and revision of cars when a heavy vehicle blocked the entrance of the premises, which meant that no car could access the control. In the opinion of the citizens who own heavy vehicles, the workers of Keuringslokaal do not dominate their subject, since they do not know the difference between a tow truck and a dump truck. This was the reason that one of the owners of the dump truck parked his heavy vehicle in front of the doors of the control room, closing the entrance.

In his statement to the media, the president of the Association of Heavy Vehicles and Vehicles declared that they are convinced that we must all respect the law.  It is not possible that inside a garage there are two identical heavy vehicles, one with the letter Z and another with the letter X. One pays 2000 guilders per year and another pays 1200 guilders per year. Yesterday’s situation arose when one of the owners of the dump trucks came to change his vehicle number but was subsequently denied this. The President of the Association explained that they were not removed from the site until the license plates were changed. The President questioned the handling of Mr. Doran, head of the Control place. They believe that Doran does not explain the operation to their staff correctly, so they know what to do on the same line. The way Doran shapes the Local of Control, appears as if he wants to work under his own Laws and unilaterally decide what should happen in each case. This creates the impression that they change the laws at will.