WILLEMSTAD. – The screening process of the candidate for Minister Neysa Schoop-Isenia that MAN has proposed could take time. Information that EXTRA manages indicates that the verification processes last a long way, according to the new law of 2012. 7 important points of a rigid type must be investigated. Among others, verify health aspects, private accounts, association with established companies, integrity and other aspects. In the case of Mrs. Schoop-Isenia in particular, could be even stricter, considering the latest developments. The formateur Eugene Rhuggenaath, who has the screening under his order, will not burn his fingers in another case of control, which supposedly according to investigations of the Public Prosecutor did not go well. This is the case of Steven Martina, who according to researchers, did not distance his personal interests and violated ethics by participating in deliberations that had a conflict of interest. Martina rejected the allegations but withdrew temporarily, pending the investigations that are taking place.

The presentation of the candidacy of Mrs. Schoop-Isenia caused euphoria in different areas, mainly because she considers herself a young professional and at the same time a woman, who can enhance more young professionals in the Interior. But for someone former worker of Giro Bank who lost his job in the Government, who was recently in the Institute, should be informed about the role that mrs. Isenia practiced in a senior management position for a long time at Girobank. The Central Bank intervened in the bank after checking its insolvency. In addition there are still several cases of investigation, including the one related to the former director of Giro Bank, Eric García. According to former workers of Giro Bank, Mrs. Schoop was a member of the Bank’s Management at a crucial moment. The workers explained, obviously that does not imply an irregular action, but they suggest that this phase should be seen almost in its entirety very well, during the check that is taking place. We are not saying that there are acts against the Law that took place, but it must be observed precisely what happened, so the workers said.

There is different information on the candidate for Minister and, as is well known, it is the case of all the ministerial posts. On social networks his impressive resume was watered. She worked at PriceWaterHouseCoopers, Banco di Caribe, and later as Finance Manager and Financial Assistant, Director of Finance & Operations for Girobank Associate Manager (2010 to 2014). After that, he worked at Synergium Finance & Associate Manager BV. Since last year, Mrs. Isenia is the Finance 15th Manager of Integrated Utility Holding (Aquelectra). Neysa Schoop-Isenia was born on November 15th, 1981. After attending HAVO in Curaçao, she continued her studies at Saxion Hoogeschool in Enschede, and at Curises / Erasmus University. The candidate for Minister is also involved in different social organizations such as the Rotary, Criminality Fund and the Children’s Museum.

EXTRA also noted that not all people are happy with the name of Mrs. Schoop-Isenia has been published since now. In general, the names of the candidates for Ministers do not go to the press before the check takes place precisely to avoid speculation. In these cases, neither the candidate nor the trainer can offer any information or explanation until the process ends.


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