Severe action will be taken if there are disturbances of public order

WILLEMSTAD.- The Public Ministry recognizes and respects the right of all citizens to be able to express freely, it is enough that this is framed within the postulates that the Law allows. For the moment in which, during a demonstration, people take responsibility for punishable acts such as: destruction of public or private property, threats, non-compliance with the instructions issued by the competent authorities and exposing public order in danger, all these behaviors will become punishable acts.

In such a case, the action of the police will be to end the disturbance first and remove those who impede the public order of the place, and then will arrange to arrest all those responsible for the punishable acts committed. At no time will you be allowed to use drugs or alcohol during demonstrations. At the moment when the demonstration gets out of hand, the authorities will act to end the demonstration, and proceed to make the necessary arrests.